Some good from the bad…


The Brides of Rollrock Island a mystical yet gritty read with some dark themes.

A little bit of personal news to start this post; our poor car gave up the ghost last week on the way to work and the repair bills is an unnecessary burden this month. had a look at some loans and decided to go with payday247. The end result of this is not only is my car running more smoothly than in years and so much quieter to, I have also gone ahead and bought myself a creative writing course. I am so excited been thinking about it for years so glad to finally have taken the plunge – I wonder if I will be saying that next month when I try to fit the course into my hectic schedule? I have gone for an oh-line course for that reason, gives me a bit more autonomy of when I will work.

I thought people might be interested in this post I found while meandering around the net  – as you do. It is a list of Australian YA writers and some fun facts about them. Maybe I might enlarge on this a bit in other posts, some in-depth info on our own Au bred authors – what do others think? Interesting or what?

I am currently reading ,’The Brides of Rollrock Island’ by Margo Lanagan. It is a beautifully written novel, mystical as well as gritty, with a theme that everything has its price ( oh wait is that me reflecting my finances at the moment??) It has a dark depth and quality to the writing,  that keeps you engrossed and wanting to know more. Look forward to more by this author, in fact I have Tender Morsels on my TRL for next month.