Tablet or e-reader which is better

When you were younger you never had a problem choosing between playing outdoors or staying inside, reading a good book (or a random book that you had found in the library and seemed interesting enough based on its title). There weren’t so many possibilities to choose from and it was pretty easy to decide. Did you have any chores to do? No? Then did the weather allow you to go outside to meet someone, play or just take a walk? If it didn’t, a book was a really good companion for a few hours. Now that you’re a little older and technology has advanced so much, it’s not so easy to decide. Especially if you like reading voraciously and if you’re known to be a more secluded person. Your next purchase might hang on your choice between a tablet or an e-reader. Which one would you enjoy more? Which one would you make use of better? In the ‘evolutionary dispute’ of tablets vs e-reader devices, they have become more advanced with each new generation. If you want to read a book or a magazine, they are both there for you, connected, ready to share. No matter what you choose, tablet or e-reader, they will still not feel the same as a printed book, the touch and the smell of old paper impregnating through your reading experience. Although you might become addicted to the built-in dictionaries possible due to current technology. They will surely change the way you read. Tablet or e-reader the choice is yours!

Why choose between a tablet or e-reader