Book Recommendation Sites where to find everything and anything Sci fi and fantasy

My post this time is a rather generic topic. Where to find books? Good reads of course is an excellent site but I actually favour more. It covers more than just the genre of the books; it introduces new authors along with articles about sci-fi and fantasy. All aspect of a book gets it share of attention and I especially love the cover art articles. New stories specially written by prominent authors for Tor make appearances and new books and authors are showcased. So much more than books well worth a visit. Whilst the TV aspects of the web site are geared towards the American and Canadian market it is still a good site to check out.

Another site I like is Wattpad, this is a platform for new and established writers to introduce their work to constructive criticism. It allows along readers an introduction to new work and new authors. This fan fiction site is not just about fantasy and sci-fi you can find all the genres and choose to follow authors you like.

There are also a number of sites out there that bring daily or monthly information on free eBooks for downloading. A great way to check out an author or new story. Here are two links one from Adelaide Uni and Project Guttenberg.

For a good read check out Troll Mountain, the link I have used is a good resource for all books.

Happy Reading