The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud


The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud is a popular young adult fantasy trilogy and well worth purchasing. The novels explore magic from an interesting perspective. Magic is not readily available or easily accessible. Magicians have to tap into it by summoning spirits and binding them to service. Summoning is a risky business, if the magician says one word wrong, or moves out of the summoning circle, he could actually get eaten by the spirit. The sarcastic, snarky, Djinni of the title, Bartimaeus, although not a particularly powerful magic spirit, is smart and has an inflated sense of his own importance; leading to many interesting and comedic situations. The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud now has an extra novel in the series; The Ring of Solomon, which takes you back to when Bartimaeus was at the height of his powers in Israel 960 BC and was summoned by King Solomon. The book continues the style of Jonathan Stroud in being well-plotted and funny. Another series of Jonathan’s is Lockwood & Co. In a recent interview for the Radio show Down the Rabbit Hole, Jonathan Stroud discusses the horror and hope of Lockwood & Co. stating that, while they are horror stories, he has tried to balance the scary stuff with comedy and empower the young protagonists of the stories. He certainly achieves this, and it is well worth exploring his books and worlds. If interested, you can hear more about his new novel on Friday the 16th September, with an innovative virtual launch from his Facebook page,(JonathanStroudAuthor) of the latest Lockwood & Co novel, The Creeping Shadow. Check the times though as they are 13.00 GMT -20.00 GMT.