Young parents – Books you should read

Young parents need to read novels. That sounds crazy to you! Well it is not. Today I will be telling you briefly about some of the novels which can help young parents, and it will change your perspective. Here are some of the novels I have read.

(1) We the Animals – This novel by Justin Torres gives insights about good parenting while reading the story. It is a story of three rowdy brothers , their tussles and domestic violence. There are many depictions of parent child relations especially mother child which gives you real insights on parenting. A very good novel for young parents.

(2) The Lowland – This novel by Jhumpa Lahiri is a reality check for quarrelling parents. Lives of two brothers and their life journey tells a lot about parenting and related behaviours. It talks about how a parent should be reconcile just for the benefit of their children. This is very true in real life too. A beautiful book and a must read.

(3) Everything I never told you – There are many secrets of your child which you do not know. This novel by Celeste Ng focuses on this topic and the story really takes it forward. You should read it as a young parent to get really great information about child secrets. Read these three books, and you will surely feel they are much better than reading parenting guides.