Skulduggery Pleasant- An Underrated Classic

Skulduggery Pleasant is the brainchild of Irish novelist, Derek Landy. It is certainly one of the best young-adult fantasy series of all time, but for some reason, it does not always get the accolades it deserves. The series is a mixture of fantasy, horror, comedy, drama and adventure, and it is written quite well too.

Skulduggery Pleasant

The series follows an undead detective, Skulduggery Pleasant, as he tries to save the world from a number of escalating problems and criminals. He is helped by his partner, Stephanie Edgely, who calls herself Valkyrie Cain when she’s working. The characters are nuanced, funny and incredibly snarky. Every line of dialogue in the novel sparkles, and the plot keeps the person gripped to the book till the very end.

The book has some interesting plot lines, and a strong female lead (let’s face it, all of us are huge fans of strong female leads in young adult novels). The story never gets tiring, or repeating, which is quite a feat, considering the fact that there are nine novels in the series.

So, do you feel like you would like a break from all the mundane reading you have been doing to escape into a humorous world full of adventure? Pick up a Skulduggery Pleasant novel- I assure you, you will not regret it.