Rick Riordan’s Greek Series

Percy Jackson might have had two of the worst movies ever made, but the book series is still pretty spectacular, especially for young adults. I was always interested in Greek mythology and I knew my fair share of it, so these books fascinated me. But I know that the books can be incredibly interesting for people who do not know anything about the mythology and want to start learning as well.

In the Percy Jackson universe, Percy is a demigod- the son of a major Greek god. It’s when he gets to Camp Half Blood that he realizes that Greek gods still live amongst us- in the USA, to be precise. He learns about his parentage and about the greater things that are unfolding. Throughout the next five books, he learns more about Greek myths and how they have integrated themselves into modern life.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

It’s an incredibly fascinating story that never slacks off- it is ideal for children and young adult readers, for the readers will find themselves growing up with Percy, throughout the books. Riordan’s writing is easy to read without being too amateurish. His sense of humor is incredible as well! If you have not read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, you should do it right away!